Air Section

Welcome to the Air Section, whether you are a competition shooter or wanting to explore the pleasure of airgun shooting, Addiscombe is the place to be.

Whilst the Smallbore section has been in existence since 1907, the Air Section by comparison is relatively young, being formed in the late 1980's and is going from strength to strength with a growing membership of enthusiastic shooters who share a great cameraderie and love of anything airgun, from air pistol (sub 6ft lbs) to air rifle (sub 12ft lbs), target shooting, FT/HFT or those who just enjoy plinking. (please note we are not able to support FAC air guns, Airsoft, BB, Crossbow or Archery)

There are many members who also shoot over the longer distances seen in the FT and HFT disciplines, with internal club competitions at 30m, 40m and 50yrds. The growing popularity of this has seen the club make a significant investment in facilities and is currently constructing a new six lane airgun range which will allow shooting out to 65yrds.

For potential new members wishing to join the Airgun section please feel free to come along initially on a Thursday evening from 7:30pm.